Facts & Techo-info


You name it, and weíve got it had it or donít want it.

Coach: Nissan diesel 6 cylinders (6200 cc), turbo charged, 5 speed, synchro box, 6 wheels, on the road, one to steer with, one for the co pilot, plus a couple continually turning in my head. Storage underneath more than enough to cater for her wardrobe, and more switches and electrical things to break than your expensive BMW thatís in the shop.This is 13.8 Tone of motor vehicle and all you men who bought your wifeís a four wheels driveso they wreck the other person car, look out. ( Iím sure I will pay for that comment latter) A bull bar which is not for show unlike your four wheel drive, wheels tires which run about 95 psi and love to roll over Volvoís. Air breaks running about 116 psi and are used to pump up your tyres when you cant find a garage which can pump them up, and long enough so you can take up all the parking meter when you go shopping at about 34 ft. Power steering and breaks, so the good looking one wont feel anything as she rolls over your four wheel drive.Solar panels producing approximately 140 watts on a good day. Originallyseating 42 people the Bus was purchased by us just after the engine was reconditioned. One Thousand litre's of water to cater for her showers. With 300 litre's of diesel so you can blow your credit card before you start. Four 6 volt batteries provide 24 volts ( which also provide 230 volts) with 200 amp hour capacity so the good looking one can get her TV fix and the not so good looking one can blast the wild life with music.


Cockpit: Located in the forid section comes with Colour TV, Video, stereo 200 watts thanks to Santa, CB, CD, DVD, Laptop, Cellular Phone, Satellite Phone, and lots of buttons to play with, automatic doors to keep the crocks ( four legged ones) out.


Lounge: Directly behind the cockpit, complete with 2 x 6 ft lounges( all used for guests, hint hint) on either side, piped music, and slide out bar.Top shelf is BYO. Mood lighting includes Halogen recessed dimmable spot lights ( all through). Can get very dim if we waste to much power.


Dinning: Seats 4 at a table which can be lowered to make a second very cosy ( Sales persons word for cramped) bed, complete with panoramic views, and candelabra.


Kitchen: Hot and Cold pressured water, four burner stove, oven grill, huge fridge freezerto accommodate the Coc and Ice to go with Jim Beam.


Spare Room: For those guests (hint hint) who want there own room with view. Two bunks, down lights, piped music, writing table so you can write out your resignation after a couple of days with us.


Toilet & Shower: Combined unit, complete with Hot and cold water, flush toilet and the normal paraphernalia.


Master Bed room:Includes raised bed, wardrobe's down lights, side table, piped music.


Bus Trivia, Fact or Fiction:

Buses have no hand break, and unlike other vehicles the breaks are normally on not off as in your car. - Fact


Ever wounded why there are so many shredded tyres  down the freeway and on the open road. This is because if a heavy vehicle stops when they have a blow, the heat generated will cause the vehicle to catch fire, so you keep on driving until it comes off, and breaks up. - Fact


Ever wondered why you hardly ever see a heavy vehicle parked on the road over night, and the drivers don't bring them home. This because a heavy vehicle is not permitted to park on the road at night. - Fact


Could you image a car running into the back of a heavy vehicle and this causes it to start and drive down the road on its own. - Fact