The Great Plan


The Idea:

The idea came from my initial boating days, and the desire to increase the good times we had experienced on different holidays. How else can you relax with all the modern conveniences and not go home when everyone else does without going broke.  A Caravan was our first thought, and we even got so far as buying one, but you know the "Round To It" well we just never got there. For a whole bunch of boring reasons we changed idea's to a coach. At the end of the day the cost is about the same as your BMW or the wife's shopping trolley with the bull bars and big wheels. We spent about 50% on the initial purchase then the other 50% on fitting it out.


We figured we could use it on weekends, and holidays and it wouldn't take long to pay for itself.  Then the big plan was to go around OZ spend about 12 months doing it relaxing and enjoying life moving closer to the Sand Geologists desires. 


Timing was always a problem, and it was shaping up to be another "Round To It" By the way if you don't know what a "Round To It" is ask your wife, don't bother with the girl friend she doesn't know you wont get round to it yet.


The building commenced and took about 12 months to get it to a stage where we could have a test run, and iron out the bugs, make sure we didn't kill each other, or roll over to many Volvo's. Apart from a few leaks, tree's falling on us, a small fire, and a red light camera ticket everything went well. The bugs nearly carried us of on a latter test run and sub squint holiday but they only seem to like the female sex, so I guess they are all frustrated males or dirty old men. Anyway a few more changes were required as part and parcel of getting ready.


We also used the trial runs to calculate the costs of fuel, how long a full freezer and fridge would last, and  how 1000 litres of water would go. Fortunately unlike most of you lot we both had an appreciation on the use of resources such as power and water.  So two of us can last about 8-10 weeks before we start running out of things, probably water and food first then gas. So if you see a couple on the side of the road with a bus and they look very happy and pissed, that probably means we ran out of water, and moved to alcohol.


The budget is always hard, fuel is relatively simple, it basically 20,000km x the cost per kilometre.  Being an expert Project Manager who has never gone over budget always been on time its simple.  Ya just do a project plan, and an estimate, god I still cant get away from it, I really need this trip. Eventually we figured out what goes into the gourmet meals which Tania prepares ( that should get me some good brownie points) and then extrapolated from there. We approached Cambels Cash and Carry and can now buy 1 years worth of non perishable type food. Given Tania and I were both born with chimney's and drip feed attachment for alcohol, this of course doubled the budget, and then some. So I think we might give up eating.


I could go on and on here about the planning, but I fear you would probably go to sleep at your desk, and its definitely not as interesting as that x rated web site you came from. But if your interested have a look here: Preparation If you are planning any sort of trip this site is well worth looking at Australian Caravan Touring.


Not being related to the Packers or Bill Gates of the world or a politician is a definite draw back the thought of no income for a year, and a mortgage is as a big an emotional hurdle as it is financial. Tania has enjoyed her job, and without sucking up, her employer has been extremely good and my position as a contractor has also been favourable. Then there is the friends you make  and so it goes on. But as a number of insignificant nameless people have begun to refer to me as "Grandpa"  I  figured it better be now. Thus Tania has managed to secure 12 months leave without pay, and for me a break in my contracting.