These pages are what many might call the out come of a frustrated Sailor and a Gipsy letting lose. They will tell the story and provide information on our travel escapades as we set off to regain the meaning of life. You will travel around Australia with us as we set off to circumnavigate ( says the frustrated sailor) this great country hedging closer to the gipsy desire to become a ďSand GeologistĒ or more commonly called a beach bum.


The crew consist of good looking Gipsy (Tania) a not so good looking skipper (Alan) and a four legged man ( or women depending on there tenderness) eating dog Kapone. From the home page under contacts  pictures can be found.


The vessel in this case has wheels and not sails but hey you canít have everything, it is fully equipped with everything except the Sand Geologists much loved Foxtel.Further details can be found under Fact & techo-info.


The views expressed here as always are personal, so you canít read them, or at least take them to heart or to court. They are the views of the author's and any thing you see or read is as we perceive it or as some might say chose to see it. Any comments made by Kapone will be limited to two syllables which should enable me to spell it and you to read it.


Given these pages will be maintained and updated during our travels you will not get lots of huge pictures, or avi files as we donít have shares in the Mobile network, and todayís technology is still constrained†† to 9600 baud. For the same reasons emails to us should you get the urge (no the this is a clean site) should be limited to text. Remember that unlike you, who sit at your desk surfing the net, looking at x rated pictures etc, and professing to work, this will cost us money to down load as we sip our Champagne and contemplate the next swim while watching the sun slipping slowly into the water followed by us under the table. But donít let this deter you from all the text in the world.


By all means feel free to call us on the phone any time, the good looking one ( no not me the other one) will miss the two phone calls after 6:00pm on Sunday, and after all its you who are paying.


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