NetMeeting Call

If you want to call us via NetMeeting and we are at home please feel free to do so. If you don't have NetMeeting installed already then you will need to down load it from here

We do not take any responsibility for its functionality or any ramification which may come from installing or down loading etc. This is a typical Microsoft product and you can interpret that based on your own experience.

The connection at our end is via a cable modem and there for speed or response should not be an issue at our end.

Please if you make a call show the appropriate respect with regard to the time of the call, as this machine is on all the time the chance are if we are not awake it will wake us. I will have your address and will return the complement, other than that we would love to here from you.

MSN is also an option via the email address


We dont bite and maybe we can help ?


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Tuesday, 14 May 2002