Assets or Strengths

I possess a high level of technical tenacity, which enables me to resolve or define the majority of problems. I resolve matters with a logical approach and remain unperturbed by the size, type and complexity of the problem. I perform better under pressure and thrive on challenges. I do not give up when the going gets tough, nor loose sight of the financial viability of the Project or task in hand. I have been exposed to many aspects of computing and electronics, from satellite control, to automatic lane changes of the Harbour Bridge, for hardware, software, installation, planning, implementation and project management.

I have established a good rapport with both customers and vendors, together with a reputation for succeeding where others have failed.

I have been commended for my loyalty and dedication both to the company and friends. I have succeeded in sales under some times difficult circumstances. Iím not afraid to get in at the deep end or be responsible for my decisions.

I have designed, documented, and implemented Disaster plans from their specification through supply of equipment, implementation, and testing. A good Disaster plan covers far more than the recovery of data in an acceptable time frame.

I have setup the infrastructure for number of offices and relocated them, this has allowed me to gain an invaluable knowledge base. This combined with my implementation of standards, disaster management plans and project management places me in an extremely valuable position for anyone looking at restructuring or starting from the ground up, redesigning their infrastructure, managing the successful completion on time and too budget of any related project, or simply upgrading to the latest technology.


The combination of honesty and diplomacy is not always what the recipient wants, but invariably what they get. I do not tolerate politically motivated propaganda, and tend to lose respect for that individual. He who screams the loudest does not always gain the best results. I cannot market or sell a product or service I do not believe in. My spelling was one of the few things I failed at.