Computing Experience Summary:

Hardware: - PDP 8, 11/34, 11/44, 11/70

VAX 11/750, 11/780, 8500

VAX 3000 - 6000, PC386

All the DEC range, Alpha

PCs 286, thru Pentium III

Some Sun & HP

- Burroughs B700, B800,

B7700 Mainframes, Series L, Series F.

        Fujitsu All OEM disk drives Series M, Seagate

All OEM Printers Series D.

        Case Multiplexes All series D and DC

        Tricom Voice & Data

        Scitec Multiplexes and Modems

        Seagate, CDC from 300MB 9766 through to Sabre.

        Diablo Assorted Printers.



Operating Systems: - RSX 11M, RSX 11M+, RSTS, RT11



MPM, APPLE. NT3.5 & 4, 2000 Advanced Server

Windows 95, 98


Software & Packages: - Lotus 1-2-3-, Windows, MS Office, MS Project

Comms packages, IDOL database, Net Mon, Ezview

Open systems A/R, A/P, I/V, G/L, P/R, Outlook

Onword., Pathworks V5, Advanced Server Windows 95,

Windows NT Call accounting, Network Monitor,

Latisnet, MSProject, Exchange, IIS, Front Page, Outlook 2000

NAT, Proxy server, DCHP server, DNS Server,

Routing and Remote Access Server, Terminal Server

Management: Digital Vax VMS, Pathworks, Infrastructure, Project Management

Service Management. Delivery management, Estimating,

SMS, Network Monitor, Time in motion