July 1998 - Current

POSITION:   Managing Director/Project Manager


Forming my own company in 1998, Information Technology For You Pty Ltd provided the opportunity to expand and diverge into other areas.  At the time IT4U was formed there did exist projects and commitments to Praxa, which required completion over the coming months, which were honoured.


Relocation Over view;

The skills experience gained from a number of relocations have been built up over time after the completion of successful and critical relocations projects. The Project Managment skills have not only been limted to IT they have included the Project Managment of, Architecual, Hydrolics, Electrical, Airconditioning, Security, Contractual and Legal.


Project Management;

I have been successfully Project Managing a wide variety of Projects for over 10 years; the basic principles do not change in order to deliver a successful project. Identifying the scope of the relocation, and defining the underlying requirements are key functions, combined with realistic time frames and budgets. These have been typically defined in conjunction with the client’s objectives and with their business requirements in mind. In past there has always been a variety of aspects the client would like to look after themselves, and these have varied greatly from architectural, physical, electrical, security, publication, infrastructure, air-conditioning, cabling, workstations, contracts, or possibly just the colour scheme, but they need definition and agreement.

Depending on the level of involvement the client requires, typically time lines are prepared, budgets agreed quotes obtained, plans for electrical, air-conditioning, workstations, council are prepared, agreed, and verified, subcontractors appointed.

On the larger projects I have managed four and or five different subcontractors who will manage a team under each of those, providing expertise in specific areas.

Typically the client does not appreciate depth and breadth of a relocation and it is therefore necessary to work with their administration, contract and insurance personal to mitigate risks, and insure nothing is compromised.



Because I have a background in infrastructure I am able to cover in detail the components surrounding Telecommunications, WAN/LAN, cabling, workstations, Servers, computer room, air-conditioning, security, ISP’s, etc. This area is generally critical to most organizations, and while there is not a great shortage of expertise in a specific area, there is a significant potential for gaps between contractors, and delivery of services which crossover. The configuration of PABX’s, the ease of transition and compatibility for staff, which ensure least lost productivity and maximum gain are area’s which will bring a greater success. Most infrastructure today has overlaps and I have the skill set to bridge this gap, and enable the client to make informed decisions, whether it be Voice and Data, PABX tie lines, 1800 numbers, centralized network management, outlet configurations at workstations, and or redirection of services.


Physical Relocation;

The physical relocation of large organization is typically a staged approach where the business model will permit, which reduces the risk. During the last relocation the non billable staff were relocated at the close of business Thursday and they assisted and prepared there area’s on the Friday. At close of business Friday the furniture was dissembled, workstations, etc transported and reassembled over the weekend. Approximately 90% staff were fully productive on Monday morning. Transportation both IT and non IT equipment is structured around the timing requirements.


Depending on the actual lease arrangements it may be a requirement to “make good” the premises which are being exited. Because during this window the client is paying for two sets of premises, it is essential that there are no delays, in the “make good” component.


Contractor Management

As a Senior Project Manager I have managed up to seven concurrent projects, typically with a high number of projects the majority are small, however the management of subcontractors and or the associated staff does not diminish because the project is relatively small.

I have managed large projects in the order of 3000 Project Management hours or 18 months in elapsed time, of these the larger projects typically involve architects, electrical, building, air-conditioning, security, fire protection, data and voice, PABX, and IT related contractor management. In the vast majority of cases while these have been individual contractors they  work closely in conjunction with their counter part, Builders with architects, and data cabling with electrical. Once building work commences in the early stages I would be located on site, and participate in the individual contractors meetings to ensure that I am fully informed, and can accurately provide realistic reports back to the client addressing any issues immediately.

The client may have a list of preferred contractors for certain aspects or alternatively I can in list the services of contractors which I have worked with before depending on the requirements.





Sample Relocation Projects Only;


  • An IT Compnay – Relocation (NSW) to new office building which had never been occupied. Architectural design was initial managed my senior management as were the contractual issues, until agreements was reached, at which point the complete relocation became my responsibility including the management of building contractors, all electrical, data, air-conditioning existed, PABX purchase and programming, workstations desks, IT servers desktops etc, contractor management, redirections, insurances, physical relocation. I managed the relocation of approximately 100 staff, duration 4 months.
  • Database Company – Relocation (VIC, NSW,AK) to new offices in their respective locations, location and size defined and set. This project was a joint project with senior management participating in the look and feel, eg architectural aspects, reception, and the contractual issues. I designed, specified and obtained the required quotes (2 or 3 each) for the various contractors required. Negotiated the agreements on timing and schedules prior to contract being set. The architects were also made responsible for the building, work excluding the computer room. All aspects then feel under my direct responsibility and these included, Computer room building ( conformance to SAS), all electrical, data, air-conditioning, PABX purchase and programming, security, workstations desks, IT servers desktops etc, WAN links, contractor management, redirections, staff awareness, fire protection insurances, physical relocation. I managed all aspects relocating two offices for in Australia and set one up in Auckland, which included a semi permanent voice and data link. Total of 400-500 staff, duration 6 months.
  • Clothing store chain - Relocation (NSW) from existing branch office to head office. This was part of a rationalization plan which required the relocation of 200 staff, all equipment, office furniture, IT services. The cabling infrastructure in the new premises required removal prior, without disruption to existing staff, and the office required renovation, this was not a complete fit out. The project was difficult due to timing issues, the fact that existing staff were present, and there was a considerable art collection surrounding the walls.
  • Government Department – Relocation (NSW) to four floors of a building in Sussex Street. This project commenced with limited responsibility and soon grew as issues which were raised through my definition phase which should have been addressed by others were clearly in limbo. As a result it became clear that a number of issues had not been addressed, and were it not for the Project Management skills and methodology the client freely admits they would have suffered an unacceptable down time. In conjunction with the client and the Government Contract Control Board, I managed all aspects of the relocation including Computer room building ( conformance to SAS), all electrical, data, air-conditioning, PABX programming, queuing monitor, security, workstations desks, IT servers desktops etc, WAN links, contractor management, redirections, fire protection, physical relocation. The project was critical as they provide a service to the public which could not tolerate any down time. They also invest significant ($xxM) daily and any loss in production time or services would have a costly impact. The client could not move in a phased approach to mitigate the risk. For this reason risk management plans, and contingency plans were developed with a fall back strategy. Departmental permission was obtained to close at 16:30 on Friday, and the relocation commenced. By 20:00 Saturday the client was conducting user acceptance tests, and the majority of staff had there desks and work area’s setup. Approximately 550 staff,  duration 12 months
  • Solutions Provider – Relocation (North Ryde) This project included all aspects, with Senior Management taking initial responsibility for architectural aspects and receptions. Once these were defined I Project Managed and took responsibility for construction, all electrical, data, air-conditioning, PABX purchase and programming, security, workstations desks, IT servers desktops etc, WAN links, contractor management, redirections, staff awareness, insurances, security, car parking, building directory, and physical relocation. I managed all aspects. This project also had significant constraints due to timing. The client had to allow the new tenant into the existing premises prior to exiting due to a lack of time, and hence there were many issues such as security, parking, noise, the potential ,loss of power, as the existing premises were being refurbished around staff. The new building had air-conditioning and carpet only. IT and telephony services were again critical as the client provided 24 hour support services and could not suffer any loss of production or services. The budget was extremely tight, and it was necessary to run shifts in order to meet the dead line, with heavy penalties in place for any slippage. Council building applications and lease negotiation timings were critical. Approximately 100 staff duration 13 weeks.